Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can foreigners own properties in St. Maarten?

Yes, nothing prevents them from doing so; it’s allowed by Dutch and French law.


2) As a purchaser, what type of deed will I receive?

There are different types of property ownership on the island: government long lease, fee simple and private long lease. Title insurance is not necessary. Property ownership is a deed registration.


3) What taxes must I pay as a property owner on the island of St. Maarten?

There is no annual tax on the Dutch side of St. Maarten. On the French side, property tax is evaluated on an annual basis. The transfer tax is included in the closing costs. If you own a rental property, you must pay a profit tax, although a significant proportion of this tax will be offset by deductible expenses, such as maintenance and insurance, etc.


4) If I sell my property on St. Maarten, what capital gains tax must I pay?

There is no capital gains tax on the Dutch side of St. Maarten.


5) What happens if ownership of the property is not in my name?

Properties can be owned by offshore companies or corporations.


6) I only want to live on the island on a part-time basis. What are my options?

You can obtain additional income from your property by renting it out when you’re not there. Short-term rentals in high season are typically priced between $1,200.00 USD and $10,000.00 USD per week. Prices are about 25% lower during the rest of the year.


7) Will I be able to buy furniture and furnishings on the island?

Yes. You’ll be able to find virtually everything you need on the island of St. Maarten.


8) I need to build or remodel my property. What are my possibilities on the island?

At Arka we provide all the services you may need: design, advice, site management, construction, etc. We have all your needs covered.


9) Do I need a residence permit to live on the island?

Residents on the island must go through a standard immigration procedure. You can apply for a non-working residence permit by providing proof of sufficient income from abroad. If you want to open a business you must contact a legal representative. There’s a 90-day permit for tourists. For more details, please contact the immigration department.


10) Is St. Maarten a good place for doing business?

The government of St. Maarten is very receptive to those wishing to invest and participate in the island’s industrial and tourism sectors.


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