Sint Maarten island in the Caribbean

Information on the island of Sint Maarten, French West Indies.

The island of Saint Martin (French) or Sint Maarten (Dutch) is located in an exceptional part of the Caribbean, just a three-hour flight from New York and a two-and-half hour flight from Miami.

The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus on November 11th, 1493. It was then occupied at various times by the Spanish, Dutch, French and British. Today, the northern part of the island belongs to the French Republic while the southern part is an autonomous country that has its ties to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, each part of the island having its own capital city (Marigot and Philipsburg, respectively).

St. Maarten is the little secret of the Caribbean. An average annual temperature of 27º, idyllic beaches and crystal-clear water are just some of the elements that give the island its exceptional character.


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