Over the years we’ve achieved a transition in the architectural style of Sint Maarten as a result of our single-minded mission to create a different product in line with the tastes and demands of our customers.

Today, our identity is characterized by the simplification of forms and the absence of decorative features or elements, combined with the use of cutting-edge materials and construction systems, thanks to which we’ve created a signature approach to building design and construction.

On the basis of this concept, not only do we focus our efforts on the design of buildings but also we strive to ensure that they form an integral part of their immediate surroundings and of the various human activities that characterize them. We feel it’s of the utmost importance to interpret the habitat and be fully committed to designing in harmony with it, understanding and analyzing its various elements and spaces. Orientation, visibility, accessibility, immediate surroundings and natural green areas are crucial elements when it comes to achieving the best results in our projects.

As such, we define our approach to architecture as the constructional embodiment of our customers’ lifestyle, represented in aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.